Personal Divorce Recovery Coaching

Recovering Cinderella Keri Lauderdale Olson

Divorce is one of the most difficult things you will ever experience.  But it can also be the start of a new life that you cannot even begin to imagine!  Your divorce changed you in ways you may not even be fully aware of yet.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, I offer personal coaching sessions for women who are ready to explore what the next chapter of their lives could be.  You are no longer the woman you were before you were married.  You are no longer the woman you were when you were married.  Do you know who this new woman is?  What is the next chapter of her life going to be?

Having been through two divorces myself, I am passionate about helping women rediscover themselves and create new lives they love after divorce.  I have been supporting women through divorce for over ten years.  While your marriage may have ended, it is just the start of your new life.  The next chapter can be even better than the last!

Message me today to see how I can help you make the next chapter of your life even better than the last, Beautiful!