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Recovering Cinderella - the book!

Recovering Cinderella book - how to build a life you love when "happily ever after" ends. Keri Lauderdale Olson is a Master Certified Life Coach specializing in helping women recover from divorce.

Divorce Recovery Coaching Testimonials

I highly recommend working with Keri if you are a divorced woman that wants to move away from "divorced" being part of your identity.  She helps you focus on shifting your perspective, finding your authentic self and building a life you love.  Keri will leave you with hope and healing.

Stacie C.

Keri's coaching has allowed me to create roadmaps and goals for myself that I feel empowered to achieve.  I highly recommend her because her cadence put me at ease, and allowed me to relax and fully embrace the process.

Jo H.

I was in Keri's first divorce recovery group 12 years ago.  She has always been able to help me work through challenges with an innovative perspective. Her words of encouragement always bring me comfort and peace. I am so thankful to God for putting her in my life, I could not imagine being on my life journey without her!

Sonja H.

The Recovering Cinderella Podcast

Real stories of hope, inspiration, and advice from women who have made it through divorce and learned their next chapter is better than their last.

Hosted by Keri Lauderdale Olson, a Master Certified Life Coach and original Recovering Cinderella. In each podcast, women share their own stories of divorce when “happily ever after” ended.  From navigating the emotional and financial fallout from divorce to building new lives they love!